Operation Newstart Geelong

Geelong Team (2019)

Program Manager: Nick Sack, Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College, Mobile 0488 086 474

Youth Worker: Philippa Weetman, Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College, Mobile 0488 088 426

Partner Schools:

There are eleven schools participating in Operation Newstart Geelong:

Belmont High School

Grovedale Secondary College

Lara Secondary College

Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College

North Geelong Secondary College

Geelong High School

Bellarine Secondary College

Surf Coast Secondary College

Western Heights Secondary College

Oberon High School

Northern Bay P-12 College

Recent student’s commentary:

” I loved interacting with all the new people.” Carlee.

“I learnt lots from learning all the different people’s life stories.” Jackson.

“My highlight was meeting all the fantastic people and all the opportunities we have been given.” Tim.

“When I feel successful, I just get a big smile and feel like I matter in this world and that I can do anything.” Ash, participant.

“Overall I reckon this program has put me back track, although there is still a lot to think about.” Jackson.