Operation Newstart Western

newstartGroup Photo of iLead class of 2016

iLead Western 2016 Term 3 program

Springvale Park Special Developmental School – Letter of Thanks to iLead students post community project at Blackwood Outdoor Education Special School.

“We were so grateful to have young people like yourselves working with our students and giving them the opportunity to be their best. You were outstanding role models, always happy, encouraging and chatting with our students which made them feel comfortable and accepted. As you experienced first-hand, it was a huge ask in assisting them to attempt the high ropes – way out of their comfort zone! And yes, we are so proud of them all especially (student) who demonstrated such determination to complete the whole course.”

Statements from a letter of thanks written by a parent of an iLead student post this program
“At face value the time table for the course contained some outstanding opportunities that have created strong and positive memories and friendships that will serve student well for life. What he has learnt though, goes well beyond that.
Student noted how you guys skilfully used a less hands on approach sometimes, thus allowing the group to work things out for themselves, developing skills in communication, negotiation and delegation and learning to take the initiative for themselves.
He has become keenly aware that his confidence in his own ability is actually a tool he can use to help others to grow and take the initiative themselves and doing that is both productive and enjoyable.
He has already noted that when times are tough or motivation may wain he is able to draw strength from his time with you and dig a little deeper to pull through.”

1st March 2016 – Operation Newstart Western – A couple of highlights of the ONW program so far have been surfing, learning hospitality skills at the William Angliss TAFE, and of course finishing our Great Ocean Walk. We have also decided upon a set of Trademark behaviours that we hold each other accountable for.

Term 1 Trademark Behaviours

23rd February 2016 – Operation Newstart Western students checking out the views on the Great Ocean Walk. It was a challenging 3 day hike, which made getting to the end even better!



23rd February 2016 – Operation Newstart Western students checking out the views on the Great Ocean Walk. It was a challenging 3 day hike, which made getting to the end even better!


- another challenge met -

– another challenge met –


24th June 2015 – Copperfield College congratulates year 9 student from Sydenham campus, Marni Noordam-Cordier, on the successful completion of the challenging Operation Newstart program.

Our Team address:
50 Flemington Street
Ph: (03) 9345 6053


Shane Le Fevre: Teacher
0448 314 412

Jane Beattie : Teacher
0439 145 602

Our Program:

Operation Newstart Western (ONW) is a program within the Travancore School, with support from the Royal Children’s Hospital Mental Health (RCHMH).

Students are involved in the program for 7 weeks over one term and maintain contact with their school two days each week (Monday and Tuesday).

The following are essential components of the program:
· Adventure activities & camps
· Personal development / Life skills
· Future focus / Vocational orientation
· Community involvement
· Family involvement
· Effective partnerships with schools

Program Aims:

· To provide students with unique learning opportunities in a range of environments, which will creatively challenge and motivate them.
· To assist students in developing tangible skills which promote their sense of individual achievement, self confidence and self-esteem.
· To build positive connections between the young person and their family, school and community.

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ONW Sample Program